Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soundmixing and Sound

I had my soundmix today, and as always it was a great experience. I don't know how it works in other school but at USC we get professionals sound engineers to do our sound mixing for us. You sit in front of this big console with the engineer next to you and watch as he works away, directing him on what you need from time to time. The result is beautiful sound for your film, much better than what you started with and all leveled out and ready for big screen projection.. hurray!

For my film soundmixing was pretty simple actually, since I only had one track which is the music my composer did. Speaking of, finding a composer and settling on your music is not an easy task. I had many meetings with my composer and basically had to find a balance between me directing him to get what I wanted while letting him be creative enough so that something good actually comes out (since I have like a quarter of a brain when it comes to sound). In the end though it was a good experience, and if you come across the right guy or gal you'll know right away and you'll have great stuff for your film. Always remember though, personal relations are as important as his work.. so dont get carried away with one or the other.

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