Sunday, December 2, 2007


This is the temp track I have so far. It was done by a Graduate student in the school of music at USC. It has elements which I like but still need to go through some revision. Mainly in the areas of pacing and instruments used.

note: due to the weird way in which blogger works, I have had to convert the audio file into a video for it to upload correctly, so don't worry if nothing appears on the video screen when you click play, its not supposed to show anything, but you should hear something..

The coming of the storm

Now comes the part of the film where things will take a turn toward the surreal. After setting things up with a more or less normal intro and 1st scene, we will soon get into the meat of the film and start exploring really different directions.

Here I present what comes right after what you just saw; the camera comes up and voila! a new cloudscape appears. Things seem normal at first but as you soon shall see, they are anything but.
This is not the final version by any means, and in fact I am working on a new one as we speak, but its enough to give you an idea about whats going on.

In addition there are some specific things which are still unresolved. Namely background and music. As far as music there is already a temp track which I will post soon and more stuff is in the works. As far as background for this scene.. its a more difficult question, but I will do a couple of tests and post whatever looks promising.